Capture New And Repeat Customers. Serve Epic's Whole Fruit Premium Smoothies. Vegan, Whole Foods Plant Based Options Available As Well.

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Ready 2 Blend

Epic's Ready 2 Blend whole fruit smoothies provide foodservice establishments with the coolest product and brand for serving true juice bar quality, freshly blended, Whole Fruit Premium Smoothies along with Vegan, Whole Foods Plant Based Smoothies.

Epic Smoothie Packs

Epic uses only the highest quality frozen whole fruit, picked at the "peak of the fruit season" to lock in flavor and freshness. These fruits are then combined into our prepackaged, premeasured Epic Smoothie Packs.

An Army of Loyal Customers

Capture new & repeat customers with Epic's  Smoothies. Our FREE colorful menus, posters,  and nutritional flyers, will ensure that your customers know that you offer healthy and delicious Whole Fruit Premium Smoothies.

A Breeze To Implement

Epic Smoothie Packs combines all the ingredients of a premium whole fruit smoothie into individually preportioned  packs containing real whole fruit and 100% fruit juice to deliver the most delicious and wholesome smoothie every time.

Operational Highlights

Low Capital Cost
Cost Efficient
Whole Fruits
Zero Wastage
No Ice Needed
Minimum Labor
Freshly Blended
Totaly Customizable with Vegan and Whole Foods Plant Based Options
All in under 30 Seconds!

       Simplicity. Quality. Consistency. On-Going Profits: 

Epic Smoothies
Every Day, Every Moment is a
New Opportunity to Live Epicâ„¢

Whole Fruit Smoothies Nutritionals
The Fruit, the Whole Fruit and nothing but the Fruit.
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Epic Smoothies for Foodservice USA Canada

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